How to Get Crayon and Permanent Marker Off Your Walls

Every mum experiences the horror at least once: your little one has taken their creativity a step too far and ended up with a masterpiece – on your walls! Whether they were drawing with crayons or paint and got a bit too excited or they found a marker and had to test it out on the nearest victim, discovering your child with colours in hand and scrawls on the wall can be a shock. Figuring out how to get it off the walls is another challenge entirely. You may feel at a loss and some methods don’t always work as well as they claim.

If you are faced with some art that’s gone on an adventure from a piece of paper to the walls, there is an easy, simple way to remove it: Isocol. Isocol Rubbing Alcohol is an effective cleaner, antiseptic, cleanser and freshener all in one bottle. It can be used for a whole host of things, including getting tough stains off walls, drying quickly and leaving a pleasant yet subtle smell behind.

But remember, always test a small inconspicuous area first to ensure using Isocol does not damage your walls, just like you would with any powerful cleaner.

Once you have confirmed Isocol is okay to use on your walls, simply get a clean microfibre cloth, add a little Isocol to it and gently rub the stain on your wall to remove. Watch the crayon, marker or other little artist’s tool of choice disappear before your eyes! Easy.

Don’t let stains get the best of you. To help with all of life’s messes, from stains on the wall to your weekly clean, make sure you have a bottle of Isocol in the cupboard. You never know when your little artist might get a bit more creative than you’d like!

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