10 reasons this multipurpose antibacterial is a must in every household.

February 22, 2019

No matter the time of year, our homes are our castle. Whether we rent or own our own houses, looking after where you live is a key priority for the vast majority of us. One of those priorities is cleanliness and a germ free environment, so stocking up on Isocol™ multipurpose antibacterial spray for your home is an easy choice especially as Isocol™ is a well known, useful rubbing alcohol solution with so many uses.

With summer calling, as much as we love the sunshine, the extra hours of daylight, the extra time outdoors can mean we are more likely to  bring home ‘visitors’ such as insects, things stuck to shoes, dust and dirt covered picnic rugs, grubby pool floaties and more.

How ready are you for the influx of extra cleaning, extra dirt and extra hands to keep clean so your home is as germ free as possible! 

A bottle of Isocol™ can be your home saviour all year round and here’s just 10 reasons why:

  1. Surface disinfectant: Using a standard household cleaner with a sponge or cloth can wipe juice away or scrub dried dirt of a bench. But more often than not, cleaning tools will only move germs from one surface to another. An antibacterial cleaner will ensure that 99% of germs will be killed in the process of wiping up ‘that mess’.

  2. A new step in your skin care routine: Not only a handy one stop makeup remover. Isocol™ can help in preventing pimples, acne and is able to dry oily skin. 

  1. Deodorise your life: Pungent shoes no more! Spraying Isocol™ in them can not only leave them smelling neutral again but kills bacteria while doing so. Deodorise the air at home killing odourous smells throughout. Isocol™ is also for use on the skin, being an excellent emergency deodorant if you’ve run out. 

  1. Cold & flu season: Spray, spray and spray again. Kill all the germs! Did we mention to spray? The neutral scent of Isocol™ will keep your home healthy without the lingering chemical odour you can get with other antibacterial sprays.

  1. Prevent a makeup line around your collar: Wiping your neck with an Isocol™ soaked cotton ball can keep your shirts cleaner for longer.

  1. Removing stickers: It’s happened before. Your little one has gone overboard on the wall with a new sticker pack. Problem be gone with rubbing alcohol.

  1. Put the hose way, an easy solution to defrosting a car windscreen: Delete that alarm set for 10 minutes earlier in the midst of winter. Mix  one part water and two parts Isocol™ solution in a spray bottle will make defrosting much quicker and easier. 

  1. Clean your mobile phone: It goes without saying that our most used daily item carries the most germs.

  1. Remove unwanted masterpieces off your wall: Yes a parent’s nightmare now can be a moment of the past. Crayon, paint, texta, you name it Isocol™ can remove it.

  1. An at home antiseptic solution: Being an effective antibacterial treatment, Isocol™ is a great way to clean your hands before treating cuts, sores and grazes. 

Keeping your family protected from bacteria and at-home nasties is a top priority to us as it is to you. Isocol™ multipurpose antibacterial and antiseptic spray and lotion has many incredible, easy ways to be used and incorporated into your daily routine.