2023 Makeup Essentials: Dewy Foundation, Deep Bronzer

September 18, 2020

Are you a professional makeup artist? A YouTube makeup tutorial extraordinaire? Or just enjoy sitting at home on a Saturday night trying to replicate a makeup look you saw online? Well the one missing thing from your essential beauty kit, is a multipurpose antibacterial and antiseptic spray such as Isocol™.

With countless foundations, serums, primers and brushes used on a daily basis - it is easy to keep spending money on the right makeup and skin care to not only look good, but treat skin to the best products on the market. Ultra-hydrating, oil free or perfect for combination skin, products and the tools we use to apply them, are not so ‘perfect’ if they’re not cared for and cleaned the right way.

As a makeup artist no doubt you clean your brushes on a daily basis or even between clients, or have a pretty set routine for them. But your makeup box? Your brush belt? The countless tubes of foundation you carry? When were they last cleaned?

For those creating at home, are you confident enough that the quick rinse of water you put your brushes through is enough? Ultimately, an effective, affordable disinfectant and antibacterial spray is a perfect complement to your kit.

Touching different faces and products on a daily basis, you really need to think about if you’re cleaning your hands in-between. Oils, bacteria and germs can transfer from your skin and hands to the makeup product or tool you’re holding quite easily. Ultimately landing on the most sensitive skin on our bodies, our face. Undetected microscopic bugs, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria and viruses are not only unhygienic but can lead to breakouts.

Our hot tip? Clean all your makeup essentials with Isocol™ antiseptic and antibacterial spray.

Whether it be an antibacterial lotion you dip and then wipe your brushes in weekly or an on-the-go spray that you can quickly disinfect tools or products between use/clients. Isocol™ kills 99% of germs and leaves skin free of the nasties that can get caught up in the mix - leaving you with less chance of a breakout and your clients, happy.