Things to consider when choosing the right antibacterial cleaner for you and your family.

February 22, 2019

When kids make mess who's left to clean it up? But what should you consider when choosing the right antibacterial and antiseptic cleaner for you and your family?

Kids are creative and non-stop that’s a given. Generally, kids will also trip and fall leaving them with cuts and bruises all over. Painting walls and running indoors after spending the day outside in the dirt. We love them for their adventurous personalities and lives they lead. But as we see that back door fly open, we often question what nasties they could be bringing into the house. 

It is common that children are more prone to getting sick and that it’s deemed normal for a child to have multiple colds and ear infections a year. This is often simply because of the active and sociable lives they lead. But no one wants to see their child unwell or inactive due to injury. And as much as we want to wrap them up in cotton wool and hide them from the world, the flu lingering at kinder - or stop them from eating dirt - it’s life and they’re experiencing it. 

So what do we do when even the slightest hint of illness enters the house? We spray, we disinfect, we clean and scrub every corner of the house that may be riddled with germs. 

Have you thought about what antibacterial or antiseptic spray, or lotion, you are scrubbing with though? 

Most antimicrobial products found in the home are filled with ingredients, that yes, do kill bacteria and germs but at the same time can potentially irritate the skin and respiratory system and leave behind residue. 

Isocol™ kills bacteria, lifts dirt and stickiness, removes odours and prevents them from recurring by killing the source. It is non irritating, and the only trace left is the fresh clean smell.

Here are  some things to keep in mind when searching for an antibacterial and antiseptic cleaner for your home.

  1. Rather than filling the kitchen cupboard with a bucket full of cleaning products, find one or two that you trust and do what they need to do. Isocol™ is not only versatile but easy to use.
  2. Don’t buy into marketing. Most cleaning products claim to kill 99% of germs. A quick glance at the label of many popular products reveals some interesting facts for example 99% of germs may only be one kind of germ or bacteria. Do your research.

Have your first line of defence ready at home with Isocol™ multipurpose antibacterial and antiseptic spray in your cupboard.