Tips for at Home Fitness – Focus on How the Family Can All Get Involved

September 18, 2020
  • It’s essential to our personal health, both physical and mental, to keep active throughout lockdown. If you are short on gym equipment, making your     own weights using filled water bottles or jars, improvise by going up and down the stairs, or doing exercises like yoga or Pilates which don’t require much equipment or space.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a decent-sized backyard, grab a ball and take the whole family outside for some backyard sports. Yard sports are also a chance for you to get some fresh air and mood-boosting sunshine (but remember to stay sun-safe!).
  • Set and track achievable fitness goals together and keep each other motivated. Having other people to exercise with can help you get up and active even when you are feeling a little lazy.
  • For people who exercise better with a little guidance, Covid-19 has prompted a lot of fitness instructors to take their classes online. There are now plenty of virtual exercise classes available that will let you and the family learn and work out together from the comfort of home.